If you have ever been the victim of harassment, verbal abuse or even assault which can be characterized as a hate crime it should always be reported to the police.


All that is illegal in “the real world” is also illegal on the Internet.
The minimum and maximum penalties assigned for a threat made on Facebook follow the same patterns as those assigned for verbal assault in public.
Therefore, it is important that you help us weed out hate speech that violates legislation by encouraging, for example, killing, harassment or vandalism against religious, political, ethnic or sexual minorities.

> You can read some examples of convictions in connection with hate crimes here.


ReportHate was created to support those, who have been victims of verbal assault or harassment. If you are in doubt whether an utterance, a comment or a blog has gone too far, do not hesitate to report your experience to us. Our legal counselors can help determine whether the comment in question is illegal. If we find that the incident is illegal, we will lay the information to the police. 

> Read descriptions from the campaign: the face of the hate crime.