Today most of our news cycle is online. We find and read our news on the Internet and through social media. The news is being shared, commented on and debated incessantly on social media. Although it is positive to create an open and democratic debate there is a tendency towards a harsher and more polarizing tone on social media. Especially in the case of “refugees and immigrants” a more polarizing tone is evident. This tone prevents many people from participating in the debate. This represents a problem with democracy that we think needs addressing. That is the mission behind ReportHate.  

If you see any posts or comments that you find problematic, you can do one or more of the following:

Notify the police 
Posts on social media can be reported to the police if they (1) make threats, (2) make racist or other illegal and discriminatory statements, or (3) make or disseminate injurious comments.

Report to ReportHate
ReportHate can help handle spiteful speech on social media, both with a legal appraisal and a police report, if that is what it takes. Likewise, ReportHate uses the reports for collecting data.

Report to Facebook
If you look on Facebook and see posts calling for violence, threatening or hateful claims, including racist, sexist, or homophobic comments, you can report them to Facebook. Here, Facebook may review the post and, if necessary, remove it if it is inconsistent with the terms and conditions of the page. 

Below you can see examples of Facebook postings that have been notified