Lately a number of public figures have been sentenced for statements about minorities.
As a public figure one has the responsibility to ensure that your statements do not hurt, affront, insult or in any other way violate hate crime legislation. Public figures are, among other things, gatekeepers and must help to create a good atmosphere in the public debate. It is essential that the powerful positions are not misused to justify condescending speech about our fellow citizens. Everyone is responsible for strengthening our society and one aspect of this is to ensure a good tone in the public debate. ReportHate was created to examine if language can function as a mechanism of exclusion and has after thorough research concluded that that is the case.

Similarly, a campaign from the Norwegian Red Cross shows how the tone in the refugee debate on social media has become increasingly heated.

Below you can find instances where public figures have been put on notice for remarks, comments or statements that violate the law.

Kim Hammer, town council of Rødovre 
Reported on October 10, 2017

Reason for the report
At a debate event at Nyager School in Rødovre on October 9, 2017, Kim Hammen said:

“…Muslims are destructive to the western world” 

Alex Ahrendtsen, Member of the Danish Parliament
Reported on June 13, 2016

Reason for the report
In a debate on TV2 News, Alex Ahrendtsen stated:

“Fundamentalist Muslims are detrimental to the democracy and therefore we must crack down on them. Especially converts are extreme, they are actually the worst”

Cheanne Nielsen, Candidate for the Danish Parliament
Reportet on September 20, 2016

Reason for the report
At the Danish People’s Party’s conference in September of 2006, Cheanne Nielsen spoke from the podium:

“Foreigners make a mess, they rape, and they kill”

Status Juli 2018


Status Juli 2018

Mohamed Jammal, Imam
Reportet on June 23, 2016

Reason for the report
Mohamed Jammal has in the two newspapers Skive Folkeblad and Jyllandsposten spoken about homosexuality and compared it with pedophilia and bestiality

Daniel Carlsen, Party leader
Reportet on September 26, 2016

Reason for the report
In violation of weapons legislation Daniel Carlsen handed out cans of pepper spray labelled ‘asylum spray’ to passersby.

Mogens Camre, town councillor
Reported – unknown (not reportet by CFE)

Reason for the report
Concerning the Jewish situation in Europe, Mogens Camre writes in a Tweet: The Muslims continue where Hitler left off. Only the treatment Hitler received will change the situation.

Mohammad Jammal has been sentenced to 14 days probation by the Court in Viborg for ridiculing homosexuals.

Status juli 2018

Status februar 2016
Mogens Camre was convicted for racism by the High Court and was fined 8,000 Danish kroner